Anodic Printing

Anodic printing offers a scratch & solvent proof image to anodised aluminium nameplates where labelling and identification is important, especially in industrial environments where long-lasting and hard-wearing labels are of the utmost importance to ensure safe operation of equipment.

By printing on to an anodised aluminium sheet, it gives a base for inks to adhere to, providing an ideal and hard wearing base for instructions or your company logo. Through anodic printing these plates can resist scratches, solvents, heat and moisture on all anodised badges and labels.

Our anodised aluminium nameplates can be printed in one or more colours offering an appealing and practical signage solution or display piece. These pieces can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which can be drilled or holed ready for your production.

To discuss your anodised sign and nameplate requirements, call us on 01603 722277 or contact us online today.

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