Window Signage 101

The simple means of applying a window decal or graphic is utterly satisfying to see come into place with a perfectly smooth finish lacking in air bubbles, but, the question is do you apply your graphics on the outside or inside for your desired finish? Standard decals can be applied to the outside pane of a window, whilst inside window decals are exactly what it says, both of which have their merits depending on usage.

What can inside window decals do differently?

Standard decal printing sits on the outside of a window pane, allowing for them to be front and foremost to the customer's attention and minimising the amount of glare that would otherwise come from the window. Depending on the material used, these can also offer a sense of privacy. Inside glass decals are printed in much the same way as our regular vinyls, expect the adhesive is instead applied to the front of the design, rather than on the reverse side, allowing it to stick to the inside panels whilst still readable from the outside.

Inside glass decals may also be referred to as reverse stickers, adhesive on front or second surface whilst outward facing window stickers are often known as first surface, adhesive on the back or standard surface. An example of both inside glass decals and standard surface decals are shown below. 

Inside Glass Window Panel Decals                   
On the left we have an installation featuring an inside window sticker, which as it is not covering a window, allows for the reflection to be seen on the glass and in the case of this frosted vinyl application to still let light trickle through it as well as the un-printed area. On the right is a fully opaque standard print vinyl glass sticker that has covered the windows and does not allowed for anyone to see inside, making it a great choice for this location of a gym where privacy from prying eyes can make all the difference in a work out session, or in locations where sensitive information could possibly be viewed by passersby whilst also minimising the risk of distractions or disruptions from the outside world.

Inside glass printing is not just limited to frosted vinyl, but traditional prints too allowing for full colour window stickers to be installed from the inside, negating the risk of exposure to the elements, abrasion from the outside world, potentially increasing it's life span. 
What to consider when ordering inside window decals?
To ensure the best results when using this print method, a number of factors need to be accounted for and one of the key things is placement.

If you stand outside your business, what colours dominate the surrounding area and more importantly are reflected in your window? Does your window get an exceptional amount of glare on a bright day that means a darker design may help the details stand out? What does the inside of the location look like from the outside and would the colours clash with your design?