Ways to Create Privacy in the Workplace Through Branded Graphics

With the increasing number of open plan workplaces, it allows employees to be more inclusive with one another where teams might otherwise be separated in traditional office layouts. Despite this office layout allowing colleagues to openly bound and work together, some roles inherently require privacy as a part of their operations to succeed. Through the use of vinyl graphic applications, varying degrees of privacy can be achieved, as seen below. 

Wall Panel Graphics
Via the use of temporary or permanent divider panels, they can allow an additional sense of security and privacy by hiding key information from prying eyes or visitors or to ensure that customer data cannot be viewed without reason. Given the open plan nature, it can also help to separate the boundary of employee’s desks or to hide potentially messy areas due to how busy these areas get, allowing for a clean image to visitors.

Window Graphics
With the large surface area, windows can be seen as a both a privacy issue and a massive boon for branding a premises. Via the application of window graphics, offices and corporate spaces can be emblazoned with branded imagery to inform customers or used as typical signage to expand their company image throughout whilst retaining privacy. These applications have the benefit of limiting direct sunlight, glare and shield from heat whilst also remaining aesthetically pleasing unlike a pair of curtains or blinds which might not extend the brands colourations or profile.

Frosted Glass
As a means of partitioning an office, or even decorating the windows of a meeting room, cubicle or hall way through the use of frosted glass it ensures that light is still able to radiate through the office whilst presenting the company logo or imagery. These can also be used to mask glass doors to areas not needed to be seen by the public, such as the entrance to a kitchen, supply cupboard or other areas that need to be covered from public sight.

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