Presenting Company Culture Through Graphic Signage

Having a unique environment filled with bespoke graphics, designs and motivational imagery, values, ideals or branding provides a great canvas for which employees can get in tune with to further relate with the company’s values and offerings to further promote a well-gelled working space. By communicating these ideals through the use of visual graphics and branded signage, you can translate key information to both staff and customers alike in an informative and timely fashion when walking through the office or waiting for a meeting.

Great work goes hand-in-hand with great communication. Branding displays that incorporate digital signage or surround a TV or monitor in a meeting room further bring together the company image whilst getting key information across during a meeting, presentation or possibly even left running in the foyer of the building to get key information across. Often core values of a company or even an ‘inspiration wall’ with the graphics of their previous customers on the wall reminding them of their humble beginnings all the way up to international companies they now serve during more and more successful years. 

Being able to motivate staff through the use of honorary and commemorative plaques or signage acknowledging employees’ hard work such as yearly awards, employee of the month, acknowledging company milestones. Having such awards on show let employees know that their hard work is being recognised, proudly shown off to the work force and visitors alike.

Some work places love to expand their imagery throughout the work place via the use of table, door and wall graphics to share company values, mission statements and overall branding. This allows the office space to become a near infinite canvas of decorate possibilities to make the work space both unique and motivational. Through this combination of printed graphics, it allows for branding to extend or be applied in almost any way, even humorous applications to bring a more fun feel to the work place bringing a down to earth and relatable feel. Through the application of graphics, it can help to encourage creativity, engagement with the company or their ideals and loyalty through consistent branding. 

One place we have seen branding explore to more and more in recent years is throughout key staff areas such as the kitchen or break rooms, allowing for a more fun vibe that breaks away from the hustle and bustle of business to let employees unwind, whilst also expressing the creativity of the company. Others have expanded into humorous signage to improve moral, even placing motivational graphics in bathrooms to remind employees “You’ve got this!”

When considering expanding your signage or doing a complete overhaul of your existing graphics, call us for our expert advice or get in touch for a quote!