Directional Signage In Educational Establishments

Many campuses cover a vast area, not only within the buildings on the property but also the surrounding grounds which could include parks, gardens or outdoor workspaces in between the sheer variety of departments lending to a potentially maze-like location for students and staff alike to navigate. Given that these locations can be quite busy thanks to the everyday hustle and bustle of students and staff navigating the corridors, signage could become easily obscured or hidden if they are not of a highly presentable manner.

By ensuring that you have effective location and way finding signage, you can minimise the amount of bottle necks throughout the school, college or university in which these are placed, keeping the flow of traffic moving even at peak times whilst still allowing signage to be accessible and readable to further minimise this potential chaos.

Digital signage or information screens could be combined with wall graphics to ensure that visitors know these these information points could allow for an interactive screen with which to find their desired location, or view rolling information for the day for events, room availability or more.

Modern signage as above could be combined with more traditional way finder signs around the external perimeter of the building as a hardwearing and long lasting means of allowing students and staff to navigate to external buildings, sport courts, outdoor education facilities or track and field sports areas. Fingerposts and panels allow for bold, easily accessible signs that can be seen at a distance for more information, many of which can be colour coded by department or area to allow for greater readability.

Within the buildings, one of the easiest an tidiest ways to allow staff and students to easily find their correct location is to offered a colour coded way finder system as mentioned before, allowing for an easy visual reference which could be combined with that colour wall graphics, vinyl details or imagery to connect to such areas. Directories for such could be placed at the main corridors for easy reference prior to making their way through the corridors where more refined signage pointing to particular rooms may become more beneficial, especially when combined with door plaques.

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