What to Consider When Ordering a Sign?

When preparing to order a sign for your business you have to bare in mind a wide variety of factors to ensure that it is safe, practical and feasible for your premises. Over the years we have seen a number of signs related hiccups in the news, from grammatical errors to being too distracting to rather unfortunate typos, all of which require time and money to fix if not caught at the start of the process.

Think about your placement
Depending on your proximity to the roadside or even the amount of space you have allocated to you (especially in the case of shared units), you need to be careful with how to approach it as too large could intrude on other aspects of the shopfront or even be a hazard. One of the best ways to determine the size of a sign in this instance would be to take note of surround businesses and how they approach such use of space and what kind of signage they use, such as LED lit signs or even pop-out cuts to give them depth. Depending on where these are placed, there is every risk they may be low enough to block light coming in, bump against opened windows or even be a low-hanging hazard for anyone bringing in deliveries, making it important to double check your measurements. If on the street level, make sure customers don't need to step back and risk slipping off the kerb to try and read your sign.

Planning permission
We have seen this happen a number of times in the news, business owners install a new sign but they have not adhered to their property plans or not sought out permission for their new sign. This happened recently with a Kebab Shop that paid out £5000 on an animated, light up sign who had to take it down as it was considered a distraction to drivers on the road, which, we all can agree on, is an expensive error to have happen to anyone, especially when instructed to remove the sign and need to replace such afterwards.

What design?
As mentioned earlier, size is an important part of the sign planning, but so is designing your sign to fit within that space and make the most of what you have to use. Depending on space, you might be able to create a sign that fits around existing fittings or the shape of your building to create a unique piece that catches the eye. Whilst you want to make something that grabs the attention of onlookers, ensure that your company name and information is prevalent and readable from a distance so they remember who you are, not just the sign itself. Just remember to make sure that it fits within your budget.0

Proofread your designs. Now, have someone else look at it. Then read it again yourself. Repeat that again after a cup of tea just to make sure it all seems right. This is one of the easiest places to make a mistake, which, we have seen happen many times before where a missing apostrophe, missing out a letter or space can become an expensive error when they're missed out or in some cases it can be an extremely embarrassing mistake. Please, please double-check your design before submitting them!

Choice of material
We can create signs on a vast range of materials to suit your business needs, depending on your budget or style choice, allowing for a wider range of looks to offer our customers depending on their needs and quantity of signs. We can make signs with acrylic, aluminium and brass which can can be filled in or have a different colour beneath when engraved.