CMYK Printing

With the increasing number of high definition technologies for photography and digital art work that we are now craving clearer, cleaner, and more vivid true colour prints which truly captures the full spectrum of colours within the finished piece. CMYK printing focuses on printing only one colour range at a time, which are cyan, magenta, yellow and key, the reason key is not called black is because the colours on each layer are carefully tuned to the colour back, making it a key piece of the colouration process.

CMYK printing breaks each layer of the image into each of the respective colours, it can make a variety of patterns which affects how one perceives the individual tones, which can allow for a greater range of colour. Rather than combining all three inks to create a black, a separate blank ink is used which grants a deeper, rich black which yields superior results, whilst providing a cost effective solution for the consumer by not needing to take ink from three chambers, rather than one.