Brass Plaques

Brass plaques are widely used for all manner of signage around a location or business. Sometimes, these will be used for simple instructions such as asking visitors to close the gate behind them, perhaps advertising their business at the door, or even being placed in the honour and memory of someone dearly departed.

This form of signage offers a long lasting means of informing visitors, in a professionally presented manner. Our signs are designed in mind to be as long lasting as possible, ensuring that both the text fill and engraving alike will last. Brass plaques can be made into various shapes, sizes, and thickness of the material is also taken into mind when we craft our signs for your specific needs.

Like many makers of these brass plaques make we custom cut metal signs and plates to display directions, information, honours, and dedications. The messages are engraved clearly and prominently to convey the intended message. 

Brass Sign Engraving - Apex Signs & Engraving