Acid Etching

To further enhance one’s signage, Apex Signs & Engraving can offer acid etching also known as chemical etching, which can be used for all manner of items, including brass or stainless plaques, machine plates, control board panels and many more. 

Acid Etching began as a decorative process, which eventually expanded into the realms of commercialisation, by including art to be etched into metal and subsequently filled with ink, which could then make a print. 

We can provide such methods on a number of items that can further promote your company and services, making a memorable and unusual item for promotion, or to create fashionable signs that catch the eye. 

Our etched pieces can be further enhanced by filling the etched areas with a variety of inks. This provides a bold and outstanding sign as the rich colours of the ink contrast with the base metal of the signage. The deep filled etching provides a long lasting signage solution for your business which will catch the gaze of your customer for many years to come.

As a further means of enhancing one’s signage, we can mount the acid etched metal onto a base of your choice, often a wooden one which gives a rather grand appearance. No matter where in the premises you choose to have these signs, whether it is outside, or as a means of signing rooms within, it will give a stunning appearance to your business location.