2018 Signs Style Trends

Throughout the year, we have noticed a great shift in some of the styles and design choices in who businesses try to communicate with their customers through their signage and displays, regardless of the industry they're in. Its important to keep up with modern trends to not risk looking "outdated" or "behind the times" and allow your company to keep up with the modern market. Some new styles of their own have been popping up recently, especially in regards to colour choices, and yet also a surprising resurgence of some older styles. Here are some that we have seen throughout the year so far.

Textured and Textiled Signs
We are no stranger to textured signs as we have offered braille signs over the years, but we love that more clients have branched out in their designs to add more feel to their sign. We have seen a selection of attractions that have used raised map boards with 3D textures or 3D printed elements to give a great sense of scale to their designs.

Recently, we have noticed that grass and moss walls have become a massive trend both indoors and outdoors, with some places even fitting a grass carpet in some areas for a chill out area complete with deck chairs as these faux-natural decorations require no maintenance or watering like traditional ones. We have also seen a few places that have templated live moss into growing on the wall in the shape of their company logo.

Pastel Colours
Pastel colours are quite trendy at the moment, both in the home and at work, with more and more places adopting pastel colour schemes for their premises as well as their signage. Not only do these allow for a variation in colour from the typical schemes, they also are quick to catch the eye, also ideal for seasonal signage around Easter when these colours are traditionally seen on Easter egg art.

Interior Signage and Building Wraps
Reception and interior signage can make a great first impression given they great your customers immediately, showing off your logo, style or even accomplishments for all to see. These are a fantastic way to also show off your company's history, be it through key events or curious milestones or a complete chronology of what the company has done over its years of operation. Many will use pictures to further illustrate these points or have photos of each event which will really make the history pop-out and attract your customer's attention, especially on an anniversary where you can proudly display how many years you have been trading. To make even more of an impact, you may even consider a vinyl building wrap to display your logo on for all to see with ease, making it a quick and easy landmark to find.

Clean Industrial Fonts
When creating your signage, it is important to take into account the choice of font you use, as we have seen some gorgeous pieces, but, they're given such large and intricate flourishes that made it hard to understand. In its place, we have noticed more straight edge fonts, or those that have an industrial style to them, allowing it to be read more easily, which is important as customers may be travelling about the premises on foot or by vehicle. Sometimes the industrial style is taken even further as we have made designs for our customers that have been deliberately aged and rusted to give it a whole new impact.

Hanging signs are starting to came back big again, with traditional bracketry being centuries old, a modern take has been given to it so that it is hard wearing and stylish as they have a certain elegance to them which is sure to catch the eye.